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Insurance Disputes

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Our insurance lawyers work with clients to resolve claims with the best interests of their insureds and organizations in mind.

We serve regional, national and multinational insurers. We represent major self-insured businesses, working with their insurance partners to resolve claims. We also work with professional associations to develop and defend errors and omissions and risk-management programs.

We are conscious of an insurer’s relationship with its insureds. Herr Law Group respects your budgets, service requirements and the accountability structures within your organization. Our clients can benefit from value-added services such as in-house education, unbilled advice and departmental structure reviews.

The services we provide include:

  • Representation in meetings, negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, hearings and court proceedings. Our lawyers have appeared at every level of court including the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • Working with claims executives, managers, examiners, adjusters and other insurance professionals to determine risk and resolution procedures.
  • Developing risk management programs.
  • Determining legal budgets, litigation plans and reporting structures.
  • Institutional clients benefit from designated team leaders and team members at a variety of levels.
  • Audits and reviews of all aspects of our client service to insurance companies and institutions for whom we perform large volumes of work.
  • Subscriptions to our complimentary monthly Insurance Law Update e-newsletter, which is also published in a longer format on Quicklaw.

Typical Insurance Dispute Situations

  • A landslide caused by a winter storm destroys five houses on one block located below a steep embankment. It also destroys a partially built house just above the block.
  • A teenager is caught vandalising a commercial property adjacent to his home. The property owner sues his parents for damages.
  • A hotel guest slips and falls in a bathtub, sustaining a concussion and serious spinal injuries. The hotel has recently signed a contract with a new cleaning supply company. Other guests have complained about the slippery tubs on a popular hotel rating website, but not directly to hotel management.


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