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Construction Litigation Lawyers in BC

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Why should I hire a construction litigation lawyer?

Since its inception, our firm has acted for clients involved in all aspects of the construction industry including owners, developers, suppliers and professionals such as architects and engineers.

We regularly handle a wide range of construction-related matters, and we have helped our clients resolve a broad range of disputes arising from projects of all size – from large infrastructure projects to smaller-scale residential and commercial developments. Our lawyers have experience resolving matters related to the following:

  • Professional negligence cases
  • Tendering disputes
  • Builders lien issues
  • Contractual interpretation issues arising during and post construction
  • Litigation arising from progress draw disputes and completion issues
  • Delay and extra claims

Where appropriate, we strive to resolve our clients’ construction-related disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as negotiation and mediation. If a particular case does not lend itself to such a consensual resolution, we have the expertise and resources to successfully represent our clients in court proceedings or arbitration.

Construction Litigation Law in BC

Herr Law Group built its reputation in construction law and is uniquely positioned to address your business needs by providing a full range of legal services at every stage of a construction project.

We frequently provide advice with respect to:

  • Corporate structuring, including joint ventures and private public partnership (P3) agreements
  • Financing
  • Zoning
  • Contract drafting and negotiations
  • Tendering
  • Bonding
  • Construction contract administration, including:
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Work Stoppages
  • Risk Management
  • Enforcing contractual rights and remedies
  • Delay claims
  • Claims for extras
  • Construction mediation/arbitration/litigation
  • Contractor liability
  • Owner liability
  • Professional liability
  • Professional conduct complaints

Our community is home to a booming construction industry, and we can assist our clients at every stage of construction projects. We work with real estate owners and developers, contractors and subtrades, engineering and architectural consultants, and material suppliers who are the links of the construction chain, from small builds and renovations, to larger building and capital projects.

Our Herr Law Group BC Construction Litigation Lawyers are ready to help!

Construction projects involve complex, multilayered relationships. We understand the vertical integration of the construction industry, and our experience with diverse construction clients means we know the disputes that can arise in construction projects, and we can identify, avoid, or resolve the ‘red flag’ issues. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help guide you and your company through the legal pitfalls that can occur in construction, and we can help make sure that your project runs smoothly from the outset.


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