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Debt Collection in Canada

Debt recovery can be a complicated and unpleasant process, and the laws on debt collection can be difficult to navigate. If you’ve been unable to figure out how to collect a debt though other means, working with a debt recovery lawyer can help you expedite the process and pass any potentially unpleasant interactions to a litigator who is prepared to handle them.

How our lawyers for debt collection can help?

Herr Law Group can assist businesses, individuals and institutions in the recovery of secured or unsecured debts. Our experience includes working with private debt and collection agency laws to assist our clients. We pride ourselves on being effective, yet working within our client’s litigation budgets.

We work with a range of bailiffs, process servers, skip tracers and other collections experts to achieve the best result possible in each and every case. We not only provide clients with an understanding of how to collect a debt within their range of legal options, but also a realistic assessment of the relative risks, costs, and likelihood of success for each available option.

If you are prepared to speak to a lawyer about the debt you would like to recover, please contact Herr Law Group. We can assist you with the areas listed below, along with many others.

Debt Collection Law in BC

For any business, past due accounts and accounts that have been defaulted on can harm business interests and profits. It is important to maximize your recovery of all sizes of commercial debt. At Herr Law Group, our lawyers have more than 75 years of combined experience in legal matters that include debtor-creditor issues and commercial debt collections.

If you’ve ever been owed for goods or services provided, or have been pursued by the bank for an amount owing, then you know how stressful financial issues between debtor and creditor can be. When you have an experienced lawyer on your side you can reduce stress and find a positive resolution. With our help, you can navigate the realm of debtor and creditor law with a professional in your corner.

Do you need a debtor or creditor lawyer? Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you owed for goods or services provided?
  • Did you assist someone financially and are now being pursued by banks or creditors?
  • Are you overwhelmed by debt, facing the never-ending demands of creditors?
  • Are you unsure of the legal consequences of filing for bankruptcy, or failing to service your debts?

Herr Law Group’s debt collection lawyers have a wealth of experience with debtor and creditor law, both from the points of view of the creditor trying to collect debt and that of the debtor who is unable to meet financial obligations. No matter which side you are on, we can help you navigate and represent your interests.

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For help with debt collection in Canada, speak to the debt recovery lawyers at Herr Law Group. Learn how to collect a debt, here.


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