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Find answers to your family law questions about separation and divorce. Our family law attorneys are here to provide assistance with questions you may have regarding separation, divorce, child custody, or the financial aspects of separation, divorce, or parenting.

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Family Law Frequently Asked Questions

What is family law?

Family law is fundamental to the lives of most Canadians. It provides the legal framework for parents and their children, regulating marriage, divorce, adoption, and property disputes. It is important for family law experts to understand that there are two laws: federal and provincial. Understanding these two bodies of law is critical for many family lawyers so they can provide top-notch advice.

Families have changed over time. With increasing rates of same-sex and common law relationships and divorce, the future of family law has been hotly debated. A number of challenges have been brought to the courts, with provincial governments reviewing legislation to protect family rights.

What is an example of family law?

Family law cases, including divorce, child support, child custody and adoptions. Landlord/tenant cases, where a landlord is trying to evict a tenant from a rental property or where a tenant is trying to get the landlord to return his or her security deposit back. Family cases are among the most stressful and time consuming for attorneys. Retaining a family law attorney can help you resolve difficult issues quickly and efficiently.

Find answers to your family law questions about the family law system, separation and divorce, divorce laws, child custody, child support, alimony and spousal support, abuse and family violence, spousal support, mediation and conflict resolution, or BC’s legal system.

What are the common family issues?

All families face a variety of challenges throughout their lives. When these challenges arise, many families have to overcome them. In addition to managing chronic pain, complications can also be caused by things like unemployment, separation or divorce, and domestic violence.

What questions should you ask a lawyer about separation?

There’s no question that navigating the waters of separation and divorce is a challenge. When it comes to seeking legal representation, ensuring you are prepared for the first meeting with your divorce lawyer will definitely help smooth out the process, and these thoughtful questions should do just that.

How much will the entire proceedings cost?

Our lawyers bill on a monthly basis based on the lawyer’s hourly rate. The fee is calculated on how much time is spent on your case. It is very difficult to give an estimate of how much this will cost because there are many variables involved. While it is impossible to accurately predict costs, we are confident that this process will yield fair results.

Where can I get more information on family law?

The Legal Services Society of BC has an excellent overview of family law in British Columbia. The Canadian Lawyer’s advice on spousal support and child support can help you understand the process more thoroughly and calculate the numbers without help.

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