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Is a partnership, shareholder or joint venture dispute threatening the livelihood of your business?

Shareholder Disputes

Herr Law Group can help. We are team of legal professionals led by a dedicated British Columbia shareholders dispute lawyer who is experienced at providing quality legal advice and results-oriented representation for people facing difficult internal business situations. Long before entering the courtroom or sitting down at the negotiation table, we take the time to identify all the key legal issues, thoroughly investigate the facts and lay the groundwork for a successful case.

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Internal business disputes can easily destroy a company from the inside out. When a conflict occurs, we understand how important it is to act quickly to protect your interest in the business and the venture’s current and future vitality.

Partnership Disputes

Partners may disagree about any number of issues, including the direction the business is going or how to resolve a breach of conflict with a customer or other contact. Depending on the level of animosity that has escalated amongst the partners, we can help you explore what option may be in your best interests as well as the future of the business.

In some cases, we can sometimes help resolve the conflict amicably by changing the terms of a partnership agreement. In other cases we can help you negotiate to buyout the shares of an existing partner who is dissatisfied. If all avenues have been exhausted, we are always prepared to achieve your goals through litigation.

Joint Venture Disputes

A conflict between two business owners can arise because of contrasting views regarding any number of subjects. We always look at the whole situation to see if a resolution can be worked out so you can continue as partners, but if that is not an option we will also help you explore and execute one partner buying out the other, dissolving the business or pursuing litigation.

How can shareholder dispute lawyers in BC help?

If a shareholder or shareholders believe owners are breaching their fiduciary duty, oppressing minority shareholders, or share price or valuation dispute occurs, we can help you use mediation, arbitration or other means to resolve the dispute.

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Our goal is to amicably help you resolve all types of disputes so that relationships can be repaired and business can continue profitability. However, in any of these disputes, if a fair and reasonable solution cannot be reached, sometimes pursuing litigation or a business dissolution may become necessary. We can help you explore and execute a path that will accomplish your needs as well as protect your future business interests.

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