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What is international arbitration?

When investing companies find themselves in conflict over international investments, most prefer to resolve the dispute with the assistance of an arbitration lawyer under trusted international rules rather than in unfamiliar foreign courts. Herr Law Group international arbitration lawyers are experienced advocating for clients before a wide range of international arbitration tribunals. We have handled international arbitrations involving parties from all corners of the world, arising from international contracts in virtually all major industries.

How can cross-border litigation lawyers help?

When clients invest in emerging economies, Herr Law Group’s international arbitration lawyers play a critical role, assisting companies whose investments are threatened by the actions of a host state. We also represent investors in arbitrations brought against states under a wide range of investment protection treaties, including the North American Free Trade Agreement, and other bilateral investment treaties.

What does an international arbitration lawyer do?

In a nutshell. International arbitration addresses any case or potential dispute between parties – usually located in two different countries – and is the most common form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

What are the advantages of international arbitration?

The primary benefits of using international arbitration to resolve a dispute rather than traditional court litigation include: International Arbitration can resolve disputes more swiftly than traditional court litigation since there are only limited appeals from arbitration awards.

Herr Law Group’s international commercial arbitration lawyers are here to help!

Herr Law Group’s international arbitration lawyers have helped Canada’s top business leaders succeed globally by representing them before arbitral tribunals established under the rules of all major Canadian, international and regional institutions; assisting clients with the design of arbitration provisions in commercial contracts; and advising on corporate structures to take advantage of investment treaty protections.

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