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Insurance disputes center on the interpretation of the insurance agreement. Relevant legislation and regulations can make the claims process complicated.

Complex insurance matters often become extremely stressful. Insurance agreements may contain exclusions and limits—all of which may become be subject to dispute following denial of a claim.

Is Your Insurance Company Denying Your Claim for Damages?

Insurance policies cover life, theft, home, fire, water, or other damage with the assurance to protect you, your family, or your assets from harm. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always honor these promises—often with potentially devastating consequences.

At Herr Law Group, we understand the frustration of pursuing an insurance claim during an already stressful time. As your advocate, we will protect you and help you receive the coverage you deserve.

Remember, your policy is there for you. The policy you paid for should provide protection when you need it.

What does your car theft insurance do if your car is stolen?

If your stolen car is not recovered, your insurance company may pay you the amount for which it’s covered. If your car is recovered with damage as a result of the theft, your insurance company will either pay to have it repaired or write it off and pay you for the value for which it’s covered.

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At Herr Law Group, we are here for you and will fight for you every step of the way. The benefits to which you are rightly entitled should help take care of you and your family.

Our car theft insurance lawyers will carefully review all information outlined in your insurance policy, examine the given reasons for denial of a claim, and work to obtain a fair settlement on your behalf.

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We will investigate your circumstances, handle your paperwork, and manage your entire claim—so you can rebuild.

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