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Health law is a complicated, increasingly complex area of practice that is constantly changing. Our depth of experience in all areas of health care in BC is unique. And it is that depth of experience that has cultivated the unique insights, perspectives and skills that sets us apart.

What can health insurance lawyers in BC help you with?

The lawyers in our Health Law practice group have extensive experience assisting health practitioners in British Columbia.

Our lawyers deal with a wide range of health law related issues. We have successfully investigated and defended claims on behalf of medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, optometrists, nurses, psychologists, and naturopaths in a professional negligence and/or professional misconduct context. Our lawyers have been actively involved in advising clients on registration, privileges, disciplinary matters, practice reviews, billing disputes and audits, human rights complaints, as well as coroner investigations and inquests. We are frequently asked to assist health care practitioners with issues or disputes they may have with professional colleagues.

BC Health Insurance Lawyers

The delivery of healthcare services in Canada is governed by a complex regulatory framework involving both federal and provincial legislation. The landscape is constantly changing as new technologies emerge, private providers play an enhanced role and governments struggle to contain costs while at the same time maintaining adequate access to health services for their citizens. Herr Law Group’s experienced health law lawyers are uniquely positioned to assist clients in all aspects of the healthcare sector.

We assist clients in a wide range of matters including:

  • Advising on the legislative and regulatory framework, both federal and provincial, governing the delivery of healthcare services, including private healthcare services;
  • Issues involving the regulation of professionals by self-governing Colleges;
  • Governance issues, including the drafting of bylaws and rules, for healthcare agencies and organizations;
  • Business and commercial issues affecting professionals including incorporation, partnership, group practice arrangements, tax planning, buying and selling of practices, financing, acquisition and leasing of premises and labour and employment issues;
  • Litigation matters including all forms of alternate dispute resolution;
  • Intellectual property and technology issues;
  • Privacy issues relating to patient confidentiality and medical and other records;
  • The establishment and regulation of extended care and assisted living facilities.

Health Insurance Law in BC

Canada’s highly regulated health care system involves multiple stakeholders and is often a contentious, controversial environment in which to operate. The medical community is acutely aware of this and looks for ways to practise medicine safely despite circumstances and finances that often result in competing priorities and a need for compromise. And where compromise fails, litigation often follows.

Herr Law Group has been practicing health law since its inception in 1998. We advise health care practitioners and health profession regulators and assist them in effectively managing the full range of issues they encounter in the regulatory, professional discipline, civil litigation, hospital privileging and advisory context.

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