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Denied Claims

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Even if you have launched your own appeal, talking to a lawyer who understands the process can make all the difference. You only have a limited time to sue an insurer and the appeal process does not extend your time to sue.

That is why it is so important to call one of our lawyers once an insurance company has denied your claim. Our Insurance Denial lawyers can assist you with a wide range of insurance matters including:

  • Long term disability insurance denials
  • Life insurance policy denials
  • Critical illness insurance denials
  • Fire loss insurance denials
  • Mortgage insurance denials
  • Accidental death insurance denials

Long Term Disability Claims

Proving the validity of a disability claim can be difficult, insurance companies are increasingly likely to challenge them aggressively. We help you identify your rights under your policy and gather the medical evidence necessary to prove your disability and hold your insurance company accountable to the terms of your policy.

If your claim has been denied, our long term disability lawyers can help.

Life Insurance Claims

The denial of a life insurance claim can hit you at your most vulnerable–when you have just recently lost a loved one. Life insurance policies can be denied for many reasons depending on the terms of the policy. If your claim has been denied, let our lawyers clarify your rights under the policy for you.

Have you had a life insurance claim denied? Our life insurance lawyers have years of experience fighting life insurance claim denials with all of the major insurance providers.

Critical Illness Claims

Critical illnesses can result in some of the most expensive claims for insurance companies. Retain a lawyer at the first sign that your insurance company has denied your claim, so your claim can be reviewed.

Critical illness claims are often denied on complex medical interpretations of both legal and medical terminology, so seek the advice of our experienced lawyers.

Fire Loss Claims

When you have lost everything in a fire, a denied claim can spell disaster for your future financial security. Let our Insurance Denial Lawyers help you enforce your rights under your policy and advance your claim following a denial.

Fire damage insurance denials can be a struggle at a time when you need help the most. Contact Herr Law Group today and let us take care of your claim and get you the help you need.

Accidental Death Claims

Accidental death claims are frequently handled by employer insurance companies with extensive resources to challenge claims. Respond in kind by choosing our experienced lawyers when you are facing a denied claim.

Your accidental death insurance claim is in safe hands with our talented and highly experienced legal team in your corner.

Mortgage Insurance Claims

Keeping the home you’ve invested in can be hard when you become disabled, or upon the loss of a loved one. Mortgage insurance is designed to protect you in these events, but it won’t when insurance companies use complex terms to deny your claim. Our Insurance Denial Lawyers can clarify these terms, and help you successfully claim the coverage you are owed.


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