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One of the worst feelings in the world is finding out that a fire occurred in your home and damaged your most treasured possessions. The loss of property caused by fire damage can be highly stressful, and having your fire loss insurance claim denied (while you are trying to rebuild your home) just adds to the frustration.

Unfortunately, many people will face resistance from insurance companies and have their claims denied.

They may deny your claim by disputing your occupancy of the residence, or by alleging you were negligent or fraudulent or accusing you of overstating your losses for money, and so on. They can seem intimidating, leaving you feeling defeated.

That’s where we can help.

If your fire loss claim was denied, our insurance denial lawyers are here to help you explore your legal options and get you the results you need.

Let us take on the legal fight for you so you can focus on what is most important – rebuilding your home.

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What is fire insurance coverage?

What is fire insurance? In most cases, fire insurance is part of a standard home policy with contents insurance coverage (that’s the norm). The coverage typically pays to repair, replace or reconstruct your home in the event It’s damaged by fire (and to replace damaged or lost belongings, up to your policy’s limit).

What is the benefit of fire damage insurance?

Fire damage insurance has been designed to reimburse the cost of repair, reconstruction or replacement of the property damaged or destroyed in a fire. Besides, fire insurance also covers property loss or damages due to smoke, water and damages caused by the firefighters.

Resolving disputes with BC Fire Loss Claims

It is reasonable to expect that any property damage from fire at your home or place of business would result in prompt and full coverage from your insurer for any losses suffered, up to the limit provided by your policy.

Unfortunately, many claimants encounter resistance by the insurer at any of several points along the path towards resolution of your claim. Sometimes insurers will allege fraud such as arson from the outset. In other claims the resolution process is smooth until the insurer balks at the size of the loss claim. If you are encountering any difficulty with your insurer, or if your insurer denies your claim, contact the lawyers at Herr Law Group for advice about your options.

The legal team at Herr Law Group are experts in addressing and resolving obstacles to coverage for insurance claims in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia. We will act on behalf of clients in any of the following circumstances involving your fire coverage:

  • Disputed occupancy giving rise to denial of the claim
  • Denial of the claim arising from the insured’s financial problems
  • Termination of coverage based on allegations of fraud or arson
  • Threatened cancellation for exaggerated losses or inconsistencies in the proof of claim
  • Denial of claim based on the policy’s disputed conditions or exclusions
  • Claim negotiation tactics amounting to threats of prosecution unless the insured accepts a smaller amount
  • Refusal to pay the entire amount of the insured’s loss of use or business loss damages

At Herr Law Group, the three pillars on which our success with the resolution of fire loss claims depends are: our skill with evidence on disputed claims, our extensive knowledge of B.C. insurance law, and our belief in the total commitment to the interests of our clients through every stage of the claims resolution process.

Vancouver Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers

If you have a fire loss claim and your insurance company refuses to pay out under a fire insurance policy or denies coverage, contact a lawyer at Herr LAw Group for a free Vancouver insurance claim denial consultation regarding your legal and practical options.

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