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Commercial Lease Lawyers in BC

When it comes to leasing commercial property in Vancouver and British Columbia, in general, many complex problems can arise. Whether you are about to settle into a brand-new office unit, or renew a long-term lease agreement in a warehouse, Herr Law Group is here to provide you guidance. The best way for landlords and tenants to protect themselves is by retaining a commercial property lawyer that can make sure the entire commercial leasing process goes smoothly.

Importance of Commercial Leasing Lawyers

The importance of a commercial lease lawyer can never be underestimated. It sets the basis for the relationship between a landlord and tenant that might span decades. Herr Law Group advises and assists in the negotiation of offers to lease, letters of intent, template leases, and specific purpose leases to help set a solid foundation for the future relationship. Should disputes arise, the firm’s lawyers can advise on remedies and courses of action, and represent clients in court or at lease arbitrations.

Commercial Leasing Lawyers in Vancouver, BC

Protecting Your Interests in Commercial Leasing Agreements

Business owners want to start using the property they just leased. Sellers want to be paid. To achieve these goals, you need to be aware of any restrictions or gaps within your leasing agreement.

At Herr Law Group, our goal is to protect our clients’ interests when drafting and reviewing commercial leasing agreements. Serving Surrey and Vancouver, British Columbia, we make sure you are aware of your rights to your leased property and what your liabilities are before you sign any documents.

Understand Your Commercial Leasing Options

The key to protecting your interests is the effective drafting and negotiation of your leasing agreement. At Herr Law Group, we offer our extensive knowledge of commercial real estate laws to create contracts that:

  • Identify your needs for the property
  • Negotiate terms with the other party
  • Include specific clauses aimed at reducing the likelihood of future litigation

Representation for Landlords and Tenants

For landlords, we aim to make sure that your leasing documents address concerns such as:

  • Property damage
  • Income loss or a failure to pay rent
  • Insurance issues and liabilities

For tenants, we strive to make sure that your leasing agreements protect your interests regarding:

  • Ensuring that the term of the lease is adequate
  • Land use issues
  • Business disruptions when problems arise

We leverage over 35 years of real estate law experience to protect your legal rights in landlord-tenant disputes. We also offer legal services in Vietnamese and as well as other translation services so you can communicate in a language you are comfortable with.

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