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Business Dispute Resolution and Litigation Lawyers

Herr Law Group’s pragmatic approach and unwavering reputation sets us apart. Our corporate and commercial litigation team is recognized by clients and industry alike, as leaders in corporate and commercial litigation and dispute resolution throughout British Columbia.

We understand that any form of litigation or business dispute can disrupt your operations and have an undesirable impact on your financial position. Our passionate and driven commercial litigation lawyers have helped thousands of clients get out of the courtroom and back in the boardroom quickly and effectively to minimize any delays to your business.

Vancouver Business Dispute Lawyers

First hand experience in a diverse range of business situations combined with legal training and courtroom experience makes Herr Law Group a unique strategic asset to advance your company’s interests in court, in mediations, or at the negotiating table.

Our British Columbia collections law practice provides a full range of collections law services for both domestic, U.S. and international clients, including advice and legal representation in commercial debt collection and retail and consumer debt collection matters. You can learn more about our collections law services and debt collection rates here.

BC Lawyers for Business Disputes

At Herr Law Group our goal is to help you resolve your legal issues in the most cost-effective manner possible. We approach business dispute law from the perspective of a business owner and put our legal skills and experience to work for you to accomplish your overall business objectives. In addition to offering alternative dispute resolution (ADR) strategies (such as negotiation and mediation) we also frequently act for BC businesses in business litigation matters, including contract disputes, construction litigation, tax litigation and shareholder actions.

Breach of Contract

We act for business clients who have disputes with suppliers, vendors or customers over a variety of issues including non-payment and non-performance. These disputes typically turn on the legal interpretation of the meaning of the words in the contract that apply to the conduct in question.

Why hire a Vancouver business dispute lawyer?

When a business dispute can’t be resolved, you need to consider litigation. Litigation that you can’t afford to lose. Litigation that needs to be resolved quickly. Litigation that needs to be fought. Litigation that needs to be settled. Litigation that needs to be avoided.

Herr Law Group’s Business Lawyers Are Here To Help

Whatever your situation, we help you define comprehensive strategies at the outset of each matter. We then deliver responsive service against that strategic plan to help you achieve your strategic litigation objectives. We also understand the financial reality of business disputes and work to consistently deliver value by operating in a cost-effective manner.

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