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Class Action Lawyers & Class Action Lawsuits in Canada

Class action litigation is a highly specialised and extremely diverse field of law in Canada, and Herr Law Group is recognized as one of country’s leading class action firms. Herr Law Group class action lawyers have both the experience and resources to tackle even the largest corporations, and we are a respected national leader in defending the rights of victims of corporate wrongdoing.

B.C. Consumer Protection Lawyers

A class action lawsuit comes about when a large number of individuals and/or businesses have been harmed in the same way by the same defendant. In most cases, class actions are brought against businesses, governments or other organizations. The strength of a class action is that it allows the wronged parties to sue the defendant as a group rather than individually. Suing as a class often gives the plaintiffs more bargaining power and makes the cost of representation more manageable.

Class actions are extremely complex legal matters that require the attention of an experienced law firm with the knowledge, the skill and the commitment to protect the rights of those involved. The Vancouver class action lawyers at the law firm of Herr Law Group represent parties in all types of these cases.

Substantial Experience With a Wide Variety of Class Action Lawsuits

The lawyers of Herr Law Group are recognized leaders in class action defence, having successfully represented clients in precedent-setting decisions.

We understand the litigation risks as well as the potential reputation risk and other business concerns for a company facing a class action.

Our class action experience spans a range of matters, including (i) price fixing and other anti-competitive behaviors, (ii) cyber-security and breach of privacy, (iii) product liability, (iv) securities including secondary market liability, (v) consumer marketing and business practices, and (vi) employment and employee benefits.

Our lawyers regularly act in multi-jurisdictional cases. We work closely with other Canadian as well as U.S. and other international law firms to provide coordinated representation and the highest level of client service. We have extensive experience identifying and working with a broad range of expert witnesses to assist in the defence of class actions. Our firm embraces the use of technology and innovation to handle large volumes of documents and we have worked collaboratively with legal service providers to reduce the cost of discovery.

Class Action Law & Class Action Lawsuit Frequently Asked Questions

What does a class action lawyer do?

Our class action attorneys defend companies to minimize business disruption and mitigate harm to reputation. A top class action lawsuit can often slow or halt business operations, so companies seek efficient and effective class action lawyer to resolve a lawsuit swiftly and minimize disruption.

How do I file a class action lawsuit in BC?

A person who has been hurt or suffered loss can apply to BC Supreme Court to be the representative plaintiff in a lawsuit for a group of people. The representative plaintiff must also ask the court to certify the lawsuit as a class proceeding.

How long does it usually take to settle a class action lawsuit?

Some class action lawsuits can take as little as a few months and as long as several years. These kinds of cases can typically take around two or three years to be resolved, while others can take even longer. When court rulings are appealed, the process gets further prolonged.

What is a class action lawsuit example?

A common example is pharmaceutical fraud that results in the manufacture and distribution of a harmful drug that is used by many patients. Other injury examples include mass disasters such as social work or nursing home negligence, human rights violations, sexual abuse and sports litigation.

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