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Are you stuck at the border or an airport? Have you been denied entry to Canada?

If you have been deemed “inadmissible” by the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA), then it could depend on several issues ranging from medical issues to past criminal convictions.

What are Some Reasons that You Could be Denied Entry to Canada?

The CBSA official can deny you entry to Canada for various reasons of inadmissibility, ranging from:

  • Medical inadmissibility issues that could be a threat to public health
  • Criminal convictions of varying degrees of severity (Serious Criminality and Criminality)
  • Financial issues that make it suspect that you don’t have the means and can’t take care of your expenses while visiting Canada (Financial Inadmissibility)
  • Misrepresenting yourself through your interviews or paperwork (Misrepresentation)
  • Traveling with an Inadmissible Family Member
  • It comes out that you have connections with organized crime (Organized Criminality)
  • Noncompliance with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) or “the Act”
  • Concerns to Canada’s National Security (Security Grounds)
  • Human or International Rights Violations

Criminal inadmissibility is the most common allegation for being denied entry to Canada. It includes misdemeanors and crimes of varying degrees like driving under influence (DUI) or assault convictions.

How Can You Overcome Criminal Inadmissibility?

Providing a justified reason to enter Canada may help you if you are deemed otherwise inadmissible. A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) will be issued if your reason is considered valid and possibly outweighs the risks of your entry.

To be eligible for a TRP, your reason to enter or stay in the country must outweigh the inadmissibility charge.

If you are found criminally inadmissible, then you may overcome it if:

  • You convince an immigration officer that you have been criminally rehabilitated years ago (different documentation required for different lengths)
  • Your rehabilitation request was approved, meaning that enough time has passed since your conviction and the offense no longer deems a tangible threat
  • You were provided proof of a record of suspension or pardon
  • You were allowed a TRP

It is important to consult an immigration litigation lawyer as they will provide you with the best possible means to apply for entry to overcome your inadmissibility.

If your case is really serious, then you might need legal representation in appealing to the Federal Court of Canada or to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Being Denied Entry to Canada

What are the reasons that I could be denied entry to Canada?

Many reasons like having a criminal record can deny you entry to Canada. See above.

Can I visit Canada if I have a criminal record?

You could be refused entry to Canada if you are found criminally inadmissible. However, you can overcome this inadmissibility through several ways like showing that you finished criminal rehabilitation (will require documentation) and getting a TRP.

Does having many traffic violations affect visa applications to Canada?

Minor traffic violations do not make you inadmissible to Canada since traffic violations fall under provincial governments and are not considered criminal.

Is there any waiting period to reapply after being denied entry to Canada?

There is no waiting period for reapplication unless specifically noted. However, if you were issued a Removal Order, then depending on the details of that order, you could require an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) after your departure, deportation or exclusion after being denied entry.

What if I previously overstayed my visitor visa?

If the immigration official suspects that this could happen again because of previous actions you took, then you can be refused entry to Canada.

Can I be denied entry to Canada for medical issues?

You may be found medically inadmissible, meaning you pose a serious threat to public health.

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